Obama Care Another Way to Screw the Middle Class

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 · What’s going on here, it seems, is that Trump is trying to paint the AHCA as a rough first draft that he doesn’t care about one way or another and to blame the problems with it on Paul Ryan.

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The Senate health care bill is a plan to reward the rich, screw the poor and. the middle class – or at least those in the middle class who aren't too sick.. long had the flexibility to propose different ways of covering the poor,

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 · In the coming weeks, the primary goal of House and Senate Republicans is to pass a piece of legislation that experts say may do more for the wealthy-and less for the middle class-than any tax bill in modern history. Their secondary objective, as articulated by one of Donald Trump’s campaign advisers, is to screw over Democrats.

The GOP Plot to Screw the Economy and the Middle Class 07/28/2010 06:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 We’re only three months away from the midterm election when a shockingly large number of American voters will inexplicably vote for Republican candidates.

So when he becomes president, will he raise taxes on the middle class? Sanders was offered up. When the illegal immigrant.

The idea is that ObamaCare is the only way to safeguard people with preexisting conditions. healthy people to buy overpriced ObamaCare plans. Right now, the middle class, who are ineligible for a.

The truth is they need to screw the upper middle class in order to reduce corporate tax rates. You hear the talking head "experts", paid for by corporations, spinning a yarn about the 35% corporate tax rate and how it makes our corporations terribly disadvantaged.

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