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But if you're not paying your mortgage payment, then you have some extra money to pay other bills and to live on, right?. If the lender is willing to modify or reinstate your account, or settle the debt, you. to give up your house in the foreclosure, having some money in the bank will. Charleston Foreclosure Defense Blog.

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FHA Home Loan Requirements [] Can A Creditor Other Than My Mortgage Company Take My Home? – Parker and DuFresne Blog rental properties: colorado springs real estate, CO Denver. – If you can sell your home for less, the bank may forgive the difference between what you owe and the final sales price they buyer.

Can creditors take my home? Kentucky law: If the real estate is your residence (house or mobile home), your exemption is $5,000 per owner. So a married couple can exempt up to $10,000 in the residence. To calculate the exemption, take the market value of the property, and subtract the mortgage(s) or any other lien.

Foreclosure Defense – Have you been served with a foreclosure complaint by your mortgage company? Parker & DuFresne is currently defending more than 500 homeowners in foreclosure, and we want to help you! Our Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyers will fight your mortgage company in ANY COUNTY IN FLORIDA, but you must act quickly to preserve your legal rights.

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My mortgage payments have not been appearing on my credit. your home – if you keep paying your loan on time, you can keep the home.

The advantages of using your local credit union to refinance your mortgage. local credit unions increasingly are popular alternatives to traditional banks. While banks are privately owned, Debt Consolidation for Senior Citizens. Few people have more financial choices, yet more opportunities to be overwhelmed by those choices, than senior.

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Your Parker & DuFresne attorney will take the dread out of the process for you.. From this time forward, your creditors may not sue, pursue, or contact you in.