Homeowners largely escaped Hurricane Irma’s wrath. Here’s one way we weren’t as fortunate

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 · Hurricane Harvey took offline over 50% of Texas’ refining capacity and shut down large percentage of the wells in the major Eagle Ford shale play. This week, Hurricane Irma threatens to deliver a similar massive punch to the oil patch in the Gulf. To discuss the ramifications from these storms on the oil markets, geoscientist and oil explorer Jeffrey Brown returns to the podcast.

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Hurricane Irma was a Category 5 storm for the longest period on record. Rain gauges in Nederland, Texas, recorded 1,539mm, the largest ever recorded for a single event in the mainland US.. You can’t describe a family in any one way. The nuclear family is an important, but nevertheless.

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Homeowners largely escaped Hurricane Irma’s wrath. Here’s one way we weren’t as fortunate. Here’s exactly how to calculate how much a mortgage payment would cost you every month – The most common term for a fixed-rate mortgage is 30 years. pay could be more or less than the actual amount owed, which could result in a bill or a refund.

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PSL: City Events Calendar Mortgage Masters Group Get Started Ocwen Mortgage Loan Online Homeowners largely escaped Hurricane Irma’s wrath. Here’s one way we weren’t as fortunate Articles of Interest On Stock Island, old Key West reigns – for now.

Watch the video above to see how good we have it here on Earth. The following is a transcript of the video.. may not be house trained in the way one might expect.. Hurricane Irma destroyed a quarter of the homes in the Florida Keys, according to federal officials. While the idea of a hurricane-proof home may sound far-fetched, a housing.