The Great Chain of Being

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LibraryThing Review User Review – librisissimo – Substance: Lovejoy’s purpose is to trace the philosophical idea known as "The Great Chain of Being" from its Platonic and neo-Platonic sources through the writings of the "great philosophers" up to.

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Somewhere along the Great Chain of Being, we all have our place. That's an old concept, and perhaps one that doesn't fit our times as easily.

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The Great Chain of Being: A Study of the History of an Idea [Arthur O. Lovejoy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From later antiquity down.

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The Great Chain of Being attempts to rationalize an irrational universe. As Thomas Elyot wrote in his 1531 treatise, The Book of the Governor : “Every kind of trees, herbs, birds, beasts, and fishes have a peculiar disposition appropered unto them by God.and without order.

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The predominant colonial theory of race was the great chain of being, the idea that human races could be lined up from most superior to most.